Thursday, March 5, 2009

The World Baseball Classic, plus preview of new feature

Hello again readers - One week, four papers, two tests - and finals week is almost finished! I cannot wait to resume a non hectic life. Heck, I might even get back my social life.

Anyhoo, The World Baseball Classic started up again and you can practically feel the excitement. Oh wait, I forgot - no one in America cares about the Classic. No matter how much commissioner Bud Selig pushes his pet project, it will not catch on anytime soon.

The top American talents decline their bids, as former player Gary Sheffield stated in 2006, "The Yankees are paying me, not America."

So again, the players warm up for two weeks, then they are expected to compete at a high level and for national honor. They play is not crisp, and other countries have been practicing months before the Americans.

So what can America do to draw interest in the WBC? Here are a list of potential savers of interest.

1. Field the best players possible - The 2009 team may not be as bad as the 2006 team, but the potential could have been so much better. Of all the pitchers that could have represented America, and we have Ted Lilly, J.J. Putz and LaTroy Hawkins? There are good players yes, but there could have been so many better representatives.

2. Actually get far in the tournament - America's showing in the opening WBC could be called a dissapointment, to say the least. With losses against Mexico and a near loss against Canada, America showed themselves unprepared to represent their country. Maybe they'll be prepared this time around.

3. Don't televise games at 4 a.m. - You may not be aware, but the WBC actually started this morning. Japan defeated China this morning 4-0 in a game that was on ESPN 2 - at four in the morning. As much as people may love baseball, it is doubtful that anyone stayed up to watch this game.

Anyhoo, another quick note for my readers. I will be traveling to the Missouri Valley Conference in St. Louis tomorrow with the Saluki pep band. I will unleash my first "View from the Pep Band" tomorrow to provide an unique perspective of the game. This feature will continue until the Salukis lose their game. Look for that article in the late afternoon.

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