Monday, March 30, 2009

We Didn't Lose to El Salvador!

Wow, what a turnaround that 20 minutes make in a soccer game.

The US men's soccer team didn't look like they could pull it off. Down 2-0 to El Salvador in the 72nd minute at San Salvador, El Salvador. It looked like it was all over, it was going to be the worse loss for the Americans against a regional rival. Hell, El Salvador is ranked 106th in the entire world and yet they almost beat us. Then America realized they should probably stop sucking.

Jozy Altidore decided to spark something, scoring in the 77th minute. Frankie Hejduk tied it up for America, scoring in the 88th minute. A tie was good enough, but Brian Ching tried for a little more.

Ching nearly scored two go-ahead scores in the 7 minutes of injury time. First with a shot on goal, then on a sweet bicycle kick on an unattended goal. Unfortunately, El Salvador's Mardoqueo Henriquez headed the ball away just in time.

So now the Americans are 1-0-1 in World Cup qualify North and Central American and Caribbean region. They lead the 6 teams with 4 points, and the tie not only saves national embarrassment, but gets them a little closer to their sixth straight World Cup. The Americans will play again this Wednesday at Nashville, Tenn. against Trinidad and Tobago (0-0-2). Hopefully being back on American soil will fire up the team and get the team a little closer to the World Cup.


  1. The only thing I know about Trinidad and Tobago is that it's a facebook network.

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