Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Announcers and their self-righteousness

Just a quick hit today, but something occurred during the Seton Hall - Syracuse basketball game that reminded me of a common problem during my game viewing. Announcers and their overbearing preachiness and self-righteousness.

Among said during tonight's broadcast by an obviously disgusted broadcaster were "Just play the game, you're the embarrasing yourselves," and "No need to do that, he should be thrown out."

Why do the announcers take such a personal attachment to the games they are covered? Going back to Joe Buck's infamous "That's just sick" commentary as Randy Moss fake mooned Packer fans, announcers have told us how to feel about events occurring.

Maybe it is just me, but nothing gets more annoying than when an announcer gets on his soap box and critiques the current state of sports, or the actions of the the athletes. Let us viewers watch and decide how bad the actions are. You can disagree with the action announcers, but please stop being so indignant about the atrocity of such actions. The less preaching, the better.

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