Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Long Awaited Project Begins

This was sure to happen sooner or later. I have told myself that I would do this for the last year, but know it will be official. I am going to pick a soccer club and become a fan of it, blogging regularly about their success/heartbreak.

So who should I pick for this project? I have decided, why limit myself to just one team! The wonder of soccer is that are so many competitive leagues in the world, and rarely do they play each other. So back to the question, which team(s) should I follow?

After some careful thought, and analyzing the pros and cons of each teams. I have come to one of my decisions. From this time on, I will become a fan of Liverpool F.C.

After having watched their play in the last week, I have become a fan. They defeated both Real Madrid and rival Manchester United 4-0 in the last week. Then they dominated Aston Villa 5-0 yesterday, which puts them one point behind Man U for the lead in the English Premier League. Having watched 2 1/2 of these games, I have begun what should be a long and beautiful relationship.

I have yet to make a choice for an American team though. With Major League Soccer beginning to expand, I feel this is the right time to jump on a band-wagon for the long term. But whose will I jump on? I have five potential choices, and I ask you - my fellow readers to help me out. Which team should I follow? I'll reveal my pick later this week.

My new team

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