Monday, February 16, 2009

Update about lack of updates

Sorry all my fellow readers, due to my schedule, I have been too nonschalant about my updates. Anyway, here is a quick recap of topics that caught my interest.

1. US beats Mexico 2-0 in opening round 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification - CONCACAF Fourth Round.

Yah, America beat their rivals from the South in the begginging of the fourth round. On the heels of Midfielder Michael Bradley's two goals, America was able to win a deceptively closer game.

Sure it was a shut-out, but Mexico had chances that could have easily made the game at least 2-1 if not 2-2. A poor header and several other missed opportunities spelled the end of their search for victory on American soil for the first time in 10years.

America will next play El Salvador, and Mexico plays Costa Rica, both on March 28th. The Rivals play again August 12th, this time in Mexico.

2. SIU loses second game by 20+ points, this time to Arch-Rival Creighton.

Do not really have much to add to this one. Southern shot 25.1% from the field in the first half, while Creighton shot 57% for the entire game. An embarrassment all around.

Who can you really blame though? The team is dressing only eight players for the rest of the year, and six of the players are sophomores and younger. When you put together a larger workload, then add an already inconsistent squad, then you have a recipe for ugliness. Southern next plays Indiana State on Wednesday.

Alright everybody, I will try to keep the updates coming more frequently. See everybody soon. Before I forget, for your patience.

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