Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steriods once...

Just as Joe Torre's "A-Fraud" claim seemed the worst thing happening to his image, Sports Illustrated is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two Anabolic steroids in 2003.
According to unnamed sources, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for Primobolan and Testoterone during the 2003 testing period, when MLB was determining reason to install drug testing. Rodriguez won the AL MVP and Home Run Title during his 2003 season with the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez has no comment on the issue.
So where does that lead us now. The arguably best player in baseball, and apparent challenger to Barry Bond's Home Run Title, was (won't comment on current) a steroid user. Should any of us be surprised though? MLB had no penalty installed at the time, so anybody could have been using and faced no repercussions. The allure of becoming a stronger athlete and recovering from injuries seems like it is too much for these athletes to deny.
A-Rod is just another in a long line of elite athletes who have been put into the steroid conundrum. It registers as a shock, yes, but how shocked can we be anymore that our favorite athletes juice. When given the opportunity to improve on their natural talent, the answer seems to be how. And A-Rod has always been narcissistic in his evaluation on his talent. As Joe Torre puts it in his new book, "The Yankee Years":
“Alex is all about the game,” Torre said. “He needs the game. He needs all of those statistics. He needs every record imaginable. And he needs people to make a fuss over him.”
Well, people will certainly be making a fuss about him now...

What could be the saddest part of all this-is that Jose Canseco was right again. The former teammate and professed steroid user accused A-Rod of steroid use in his book, Vindicated. Yes everybody-you live in a world where Jose Canseco is more often than not the voice of reason. Let that one sink in for awhile.

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