Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2, 2009. The day after...Super Bowl analysis

So who actually watching the whole game though that the Cardinals would come back and make it a game after their first drive in the second half? If you say you did, you are a dirty liar. After the 100 yard interception return for a Touchdown, and the Cardinals failure to do much of anything in the third quarter made it seem like it would be another mundane Super Bowl. But just when the Cardinals seemed like they were going away, they had to go and do something like that....AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES! Now, I'll give an overview of the game, split into halves and half-time.

First Half: I'll be honest with you readers, I missed most of the first half. I saw the Steeler's first drive, then had to leave and head to my buddy's place 20 miles away. That's what I get for making a late trip to the rec center+"short" nap. HOWEVAH-I managed to pick up the game right as the Cardinals were about to score with 20 seconds left in the half. At least, that's what everybody who was watching the game though, too bad James Harrison had to be there and throw a monkey wrench in the plan, returning a pass 100 yards for a TD with 0 seconds on the clock.

Speaking of the play, what was Kurt Warner thinking on that pass?!? You have two elite wide recievers on your team, you have to throw it up and let them fight the defenders for them (As he did later with the Pope and Fitzgerald TD). Instead the Cardinals went with the slants, and Harrison jumped the route as if he were a mind reader. Anybody who claimed that they still believed in the Cardinals were still in the game at this point, please rise so I can call you a liar to your face.

Half Time score: Steelers - 17 Cardinals - 7

Half Time Show: "What time is it? It's BOSS TIME"

What an odd, wildly uneven ten minutes. After Bruce Demanded that we put down our "Guacamole" he proceeded to go into an overblown version of "Tenth Avenue Freezeout". I mean, really, do you need to have 20+ people in your band playing this schlock at once. Come on. Then Bruce decides to do a running knee-slide, which ends in him teabagging 90+ million people.
The rest of the show runs a little smoother, with classics such as "Born to Run". That was followed by what was possibly the cheesiest sketch ever, with Bruce being flagged for what I assume, being "awesome" The concert ends with a shameless plug of Bruce's new song, which I'm sure about 40 people who watched cared about.
Overall a dissapointing performance by the Boss. Then again, I was never much of a fan.
Score: A field goal

Second Half: Well, I won't refresh much of the Third quarter, considering nothing happened. Fourth Quarter made up for it though, as the Steelers come back in the last minute and beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23. Heartbreaking for Cardinal fans, great for everybody else!

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