Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Banter the Man Doesn't Want you to Read

Well fellow readers, the man is keeping me down. Tomorrow was to be one of the greatest banters of all-time, and my answer was nearly poetic in its beauty. Unfortunately, it could not run due to 'certain problems.' Here it is though, here is my answer to the banter, fully uncut.

Question: (Shortened) Blue Jays were forced to ban Alcohol sales at their game Tuesday due to rowdy, drunk fans on Monday. Would you go to a game if there were no alcohol sales?

Answer: Well, as I am underage, I have never tasted an alcoholic beverage in my life. I'm sure my experience will be just as good at the game without a cold tasty beverage in my hand. I mean, I've been told that beer is cold tasty... I wouldn't know. I'm sure I wouldn't have to be stumbily to enjoy my Cardinals... The Royals may be a different story,

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